gigabowser09 (gigabowser09) wrote in clubpenguin90,


Here are some real good freinds of mine:

Ggreivous: is a nice penguin who goes on a random server whenever she goes on.

Murmipenguin: Is a fun penguin who goes on Icebox. If you see him, try to be his freind.

Dexter307: Is a cool penguin who goes on Icebox. Unfortunatly, he does not exept requests, unless he knows you in person.

Protron: Also a cool penguin who goes on Icebox. Like Dexter, he does not exept freind requests unless he knows you in person.

Peg: Is a fun penguin who's been around for a long time.

Guin: a cool penguin who has been around as long as Peg.

And of course me. I am cool, nice and somewhat new to CP, but if you get me mad, I ban you. If you go on Iceburg you can find me easily.
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